A Brief Overview Of Islamic Inheritance From A South African Law Perspective

Succession, colloquially referred to as inheriting, is the process whereby the heirs of a deceased person succeed to the assets which the deceased left behind at the time of death. Assets in this instance refer to the residue after all liabilities and debts of the deceased have been settled.

Application to compel recognition of muslim marriages evokes fierce legal argument

Application to compel recognition of Muslim marriages evokes fierce legal argument

As 2015 drew to a close the Women’s Legal Centre’s application to compel government to recognise Muslim marriages finally saw the light of day.

However the organisation encountered yet another stumbling block as their locus standi (the right or capacity to bring an action or appear before court) was contested by Muslim organisations.

What is the legal status of a (nikah) muslim marriage in south africa?

The legal status of (Nikah) Muslim marriages in South Africa is amongst the most frequently queried legal issues, which unfortunately still attracts the most divergent responses.